Sunday, July 26, 2009

Three Deadly Western Imports

Russia, as the cross roads between Europe and Asia, has been used for more than trade, but also for the exchange of ideas. Unfortunately this applies just as well to horribly bad ideas as to good ideas and if those horribly bad ideas ruin or weaken Orthodox Christian Russia, the West is all the more happy to export them with every ounce of its being.

Three horrible ideas have been planted in Russia to, if not destroy her, retard her growth, as much as possible. We, dear reader, will now explore each of them in detail.

1. Serfdom

Many in the propagandized West, particularly in the Anglo-Sphere, know Russia as the land of serfs and the unfree, and the Tsars are tyrants over the people. There are of course several things wrong with this issue. First, Serfdom is a singularly Western idea, as far as Russia is concerned. Sure, forms of it originated to a limited degree in China and Tibet and to a very strict degree in Japan, but the Serfdom as was practiced in Russia, and all of Eastern Europe, was a Western European import in the mid 1500s to 1600s. It was never an organic development, unlike that in East Asia.

Russia is kept to an unfair standard in this, as usual. Everyone loves to remember the "slavery" of the Russian peasant and use that to beat Russia over the head with. The serfdom of peasants lasted till February 1861 but it did not form in Russia, was not fully imported, until after the Times of Troubles, the Smuta, which ended in 1613. Thus from around the middle of the 1600s to 1861, or approximately 220 years. As such, unlike the West, Serfdom had very shallow roots in Russia.

In the West, Serfdom lasted close to 1200 years and like the West and the Anglo-Sphere so loves to forget, was quickly replaced with whole sale slavery of foreigners, captured or bought from far away lands and possessing absolutely none of the few protections afforded by law and tradition to the serf.

European Serfdom developed early on, particularly for Western and Southern Europe and is directly traceable to Edicts of Constantine of 332 AD, which first fully bound the free peasant to the land, in replacement of the slaves. Serfdom continued in England until 1574 and in France until it was formerly abolished in 1789, though in effect it was all but dead from a hundred years earlier. Of course, this was also the time that first the Portuguese and then the rest of Western Europe started buying black African slaves from Arab traders and than opened their own slaving stations, as well as enslaving South American and Caribbean Indians in the New World.

Serfdom in other areas lasted well into the 1800s. In the Polish-Lithuanian Monarchy, Serfdom was officially made law in the early 1500s and was abolished in the Dutchy of Warsaw (the stump kingdom recreated by Napoleon, of the once much larger state) in 1807, under Napoleonic revolutionary rule. In Prussia, Serfdom was initiated in 1525 by the Prussian Ordinance and ended only in 1807, while in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Hapsburg rule that covered more than 1/3rd of Europe, Serfdom lasted until 1848. However, who ever mentions these facts when speaking about Serfdom in Europe, it is almost exclusively thrown on Russia as the example.

In truth, until the Mongol invasions of the 1200s, Russian peasants had the most mobility of any of the lower classes of Europe, most of which had shackled their own people 800 years earlier. Initial restraints on movement were created under Mongol rule but this was far from Serfdom and effected both the rich and poor alike. After the Mongol Yoke was over thrown in the mid 1400s, mobility returned, up through the reign of Ivan Grozny in the late 1500s who started the process that was completed in the mid 1630s by Michael Romanov, who seeking after the West, copied this failed and disastrous idea.

Serfdom and it legacy, severely retarded Russian industrial growth, pushing back the true Industrial Revolution to the mid to late 1800s instead of the early 1800s. In short, it cost us at least 50 years of growth and much heart ache in the form of various social upheavals and peasant revolts.

2. Marxism

By far the worst of the Western concepts imported into Russia, the one that cost us the most in lost lives and the one that was most inorganic to our souls, psyches and motherland. A disaster of monumental proportion that lasted for 70 years, cost well over 30 million lives and set us back from our path of being the preeminent world economy by probably at least 100 years.

If Marxism and its communist economy and collective farming failures had not been brought to Russia on Western capital and Western politics, Russia's Empire would not have fallen. There would be close to 250 million Russians in the world (instead of the 170 million spread out now) and the Empire's population would more than likely be closer to 350 million.

Equally, if the Marxists had not been imported into Russia, Hitler would have never come to power, the Kaiser would have remained or been returned to the throne and World War Two, if it ever happened, would have been a much different affair. Thus with the blow of Communist Marxism to Russia, the Anglo-Sphere equally destroyed the Germans with Trotskyte Nazi Marxism and the World War that made Germany into first a divided and then a NATO subjugated land that it is still.

As an aside, the Middle East and Asia Minor would not be the Christian Free Zones that they now are, as with Russia the Defender of Orthodox Christianity in specific and Christians throughout the Muslim World in general, the massacres and exterminations of Christians, as has happened and continues to happen to this day, under the Anglo-Marxist care, would never have happened. This is especially true for the insane massacres of Christians by Ataturk, who finished off those started by the Young Turks, to whom he had belonged. The deChristianization of the West may also have been retarded as Russia would have, as she does now again, offered an alternative to the Humanistic Nihilism that is the new foundation of the morally bankrupt West.

3. Free Trade and Economic Open Borders and Democracy

With the Russian people throwing off the second of the Western imports, the leadership and people were sold on the idea of a get rich quick scheme: just drop your protections, just allow the Western companies in and they would show you how to run business and make money and everyone would be rich. Of course this was sold to Yeltsin and his bunch, the very people who in getting rid of the Marxists (a good thing) listening to the Western money and along with Kravchuk of Ukraine and Pushcha of Belarus betrayed the vast majority of the Soviet peoples (85% having voted for keeping the country whole) and as traitors grabbed power dissolving what was in effect the remains of the Russian Empire.

When oh when will we stop listening to Western concepts of social engineering? None of it is aimed at making us stronger, wealthier or happier, all is aimed at just the opposite.

The Russian Empire was at its strongest when it rejected the Western Ideals, when it was a Monarchy under God, when it threw off the Serfdom of the West and batted aside the Marxism of the 1905 Revolution.

It is time to return to our roots fully, as a nationalistic, patriotic, mercantistic state that protects its people, its assets and its businesses from those abroad.


Piotr P. said...

This is just wonderful; now America is somehow responsible for Russian serfdom (started CENTURIES before the US was even established). Marxism? – isn’t it interesting that it didn’t take root anywhere but in backward third-world countries such as Russia, North Korea, Albania, Cuba, etc.? Democracy? Without it, where would you be, Mr. Mishkin? It is not coincident that there is NO well to do country in the world that is NOT democratic… Dixi.

Cobra said...

Correction: marxism was not an Anglo-American invention.
It is a talmudic invention.

Gavrick said...

he Russian Empire was at its strongest when it rejected the Western Ideals, when it was a Monarchy under God, when it threw off the Serfdom of the West and batted aside the Marxism of the 1905 Revolution.

It is time to return to our roots fully, as a nationalistic, patriotic, mercantistic state that protects its people, its assets and its businesses from those abroad.

Amin, brat!

Stanislav said...


Oh Piotr, your ignorance is showing. Did I say the West or America specifically? Try hard now for reading comprehension.....we'll wait for your apology, not that the liberals ever apologize for their own specific mistakes.

Lets see, rich nations that are nor democracies, well, for one today, Chile became the richest nation in S.America after it became a dictatorship. S.Korea became rich under a dictatorship. Japan is still an essential autocracy. Singapore the same and so did Taiwan. Spain was at her best under Franco, then under liberals became a basket case it is today.

Greece had a damn good run under the Colonels, now a joke under democracy.

Furthermore, there were plenty of wealthy nations before this fad of democracy came along...oh and the US is not a democracy but a republic and since it became a democracy it has gone down to shithole just like most of democracy western Europe.

And to blast you totally out of the water, the Nation that own you and your children and their children's future, the nation that makes everything you use to live, that own the largest part of your whole country is China...oh and it's what kind of democracy.

That's the problem with liberal intelligencia...they think they know everything but in truth know very little.

Russia is a third world hellhole? Ok, then what are you, the debtor to it to $400 BILLION?

Cobra said...

Isn't interesting that many Europeans left Europe for America many generations ago to escape serfdom, only to be gradually enslaved (indebted), by a creeping Marxism/progressivism/socialism/new liberalism, who foisted "free" trade as a way to de-industrialize the country and who is drowning the Christian European population into a see of third worlders?
This article could very well apply to the USA with some time changes.
Folks, we are in the same boat, fighting the same dark forces.

taken said...

But what do you make of the argument that sefdom was the result of the technology level and specific circumstances of the times. I was thought that serfdom arrived later in Eastern Europe because the area was more sparsely populated. This naturally led to labour shortage, and landowners gave the peasants good conditions to favour immigration. As for the abolition of serfdom (and slavery in the US), it was conditioned by industrialization and indeed fit the benefit of factory owners. They needed a mobile workforce, one not tied to the land and responsive to monetary incentives.

PS. If you have time, you should read and review this book :

Anonymous said...

@Piotr P

The US installed Communism in Russia whose leadership was not even Russian but the same creed as your heroes Berezovsky and Guisinky.

Marxism light did come to the US. The Neocons are all "former" Marxists and the civil rights Movement in the US was lead by Jewish Marxist in fact the NAACP was financed and created by Jacob Schiff.

Have you seen any Christian crosses in the Whitehouse?

Hollywood was created by Marxist Jews and themes like immigration to the US was there concept.

There used to be a video on Google called Hollywoodism based on the book Hollywood: An Empire of Their Own by Jewish film historian Neal Gabler.

A soft-core Marxist philosophy was developed for the west by Frankfurt school philosophers in Germany.
Karl popper was one of the senior members who as London School of Economics professor was mentor to George Soros and became the theological bases for his Open Society foundation.

Many western liberal concepts like feminism, racism, etc where first created in the USSR under Trotsky.

What is that you are wearing in your picture?

Unknown said...

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through this sequence; from bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependency back again into bondage.

Piotr P. said...

Stas; your arguments are inaccurate at best and misleading at worst. Japan is a democracy; anyone stating otherwise is essentially a liar. So. Korea and Chile were straggling under oppressive regimes, who killed and imprisoned tens of thousands of people, and have fully blossomed (both economically and politically) ONLY under democratic rule. No dictatorship (and Monarchy IS a dictatorship, for all intended purposes, for people do not chose their leaders in such settings) is a success for its people and its economy – it is a fact. Now, I just happen to be a monarchist myself; that is, I do not disagree that what Russia needs is a monarch; more specifically, since Putin has no sons, Mrrs. Medvedev or Ivanoff appear to be best positioned to become such; however, it has nothing to do with progress and everything to do with the backward hedonistic lawless nature of the Russian peasant (which is indeed the core of the absolute majority of Russians) who needs a firm stick and a big carrot to be effective and productive as a citizen. I personally would like to see Mr. Ivanoff to be our first new Czar.
I see no connection between my love for my newly acquired Motherland (USA) and its debt to China. What matters to majority of people is their standard of living, and that of Americans is the best in the world. Dixi.

Stanislav said...


Japan reached its wealth not as a democracy, for there are few real democracies and they all tend to rot and die quickly...Democracy, if you bother to research the root of the words is mob rule.

Japan reached its zenth and rebuilt its power under an emperor and a close order of prime families, who now own the banks and main industry. Almost all US ordances were repealed as soon as the occupation ended. You really need to read up on such subjects.

Pinoche took power reluctantly, it was either that or the Marxism that was taking over Chile, a country that could not even provide milk for children and was totally bankrupt, nationalizing one industry after another. Pinoche believed firmly that if each Chilaen could own a flat and an auto, he would never go Marxism and he was right. The bastards he killed were not tourists but Marxism scum revolutionaries. Again, get out of your glass tower of leftist manufactured "reality" and research actual events.

S.Korea's dictatorship, and Taiwans, killed thousands? Really? Care to document?

--it has nothing to do with progress and everything to do with the backward hedonistic lawless nature of the Russian peasant (which is indeed the core of the absolute majority of Russians) who needs a firm stick and a big carrot to be effective and productive as a citizen.---

What you are saying, which is the truth, is that Russians do not bend to blind authoritarianism that the Left tried to install. Even when the bastard leftists, and I believe you have admitted to perscribing to that ideological bend as you admitted to voting for the American Marx in Charge, massacred our people, they could not kill our faith in God or our spirit. Who knows, maybe you will have better luck in Americans, turning them into proper working units in the great utopian machine from Hell.

--I see no connection between my love for my newly acquired Motherland (USA) and its debt to China. What matters to majority of people is their standard of living, and that of Americans is the best in the world---

Because China upsets your stated "truth". It is the owner of America and the 2nd most powerful nation. Oh and if all that matters to you in a nation is your standard of living, then that is a sorry excuse for an existence, one that Christ preached against.

By the way, let us take away all that debt and the items it bought, and see what the standard of living you are about to enjoy is...which nation will you be leaving for next?

Stanislav said...


yes, big bad dare he create private property rights, how dare he create trial by jury, how dare he pay off the Russia and Soviet debt, how dare he raise the majority of the population above poverty, quadriple the pensions and pay them on time, allow small and medium business to grow, lower taxes and watch the average salary evil indeed...and to the left what is most evil of all...he allowed religious Christian classes as elective to take in schools...and banned abortions after 12 weeks....

Yup...definitly much worse than all the Marxists and the drunk Yeltsin who sat in Russian power for the past 80 years.

This is fun and all, but I have to go to work now.

Piotr P. said...

to Jack:
Blimey, judophobia is a sin in my book, Jackie. It is a sure sign of the weak to blame ANYONE but himself for his troubles. As for the crosses in the White House – I am a Mormon, and thus do not believe in cross being the Sign of Our Lord (why would anyone celebrate the weapon of His torture?), but I see your point. I too believe that Our Nation has abandoned its Christian core and thus is a Satan’s dirty paws, which will ultimately lead to its demise. I am just not sure that Mr. Mishkin’s rosy pictures of Russia (statistically, only 3% of Russians call themselves Christians, and about 4.5% - believers in general – about the lowest percentages IN THE WORLD).

Stanislav said...


--statistically, only 3% of Russians call themselves Christians, and about 4.5% - believers in general – about the lowest percentages IN THE WORLD).--

Love your "statistics", care to back them up with credible sources? Russian surveys find upwards of 70-85% who are Orthodox, so you must have one hell of a source...lets hear it.

By the way, Mormonism is not Christian, as it does not accept the Trinity of God, one of the two foundations of Christianity, the other being resurrection.

alibi said...

Piotr said: <--I see no connection between my love for my newly acquired Motherland (USA) and its debt to China. What matters to majority of people is their standard of living, and that of Americans is the best in the world >

The best in the world you say huh? Let’s check… for the last 12 month I received 15... No wait - 17 offers from banks and whatever else to get a new credit card, or a loan, or to increase a credit level on anything I want. Say I would take everything I was offered and say I would went on a shopping spree aiming to improve my standard of living. Say I get me a new car, and a new house, and a new girlfriend… anything I want. Well… probably not anything but plenty. Say I would enjoy my new life style for a while. And my new girlfriend too. I would even be able not to work myself but bring a say Asian maid to look after me and my new girl friend. I might even bring a Russian scientist to invent something interesting and maybe even useful. I would most definitely spend a considerable amount of money on some decent weaponry to defend my new lifestyle. And my new girlfriend of course. I even might get rid of my new girlfriend if I get bored with her and get myself a new one. Say Poland or… I don’t know - Estonia.

And I would hate hearing from my banker about the balance. Just hate that. After all didn’t I spent considerable amount on my new weapons. See what I mean?

Where are you gonna go when your new shiny Motherland is asked to bay the balance? There are no brains needed to spend money you never earned. The States keep majority of people stupid. It’s the only way to last for the government. Just keep them stupid and proud.

Anonymous said...

@Piotr P.

Care to refute what I say with facts.

Name calling typical childish rebuttal.

Sean O'Brian said...

jack wrote...

"Many western liberal concepts like feminism, racism, etc where first created in the USSR under Trotsky."

Do you have an English-language source for that? Could you post it? Thanks.

Piotr P. said...

@ alibi:
it is really very simple, man:
doing what I am doing (which happens to be microbiology) I made $500 / MONTH in Russia just a couple of years ago (went there for 6 months on sabbatical). I am making over $7K / month in Ohio. Same standard of living? Hardly. Dixi.

Piotr P. said...

@ Gavrik

you are dreaming, bro. The Russian empire was never strong. There was NEVER a national Idea which Russians rallied around. Putin has failed to create it also. When there will be a Leader who does, HE will be my HERO.

Stanislav said...


There has always been a national idea: Christ, the Savior (no not the brother of Lucifer and the son of God and Mary, God's wife, as the Mormon heresy preaches) but the Holy Trinity and the Third Rome has been the National Idea of Russia, the defenders of the Orthodox Christians.

We are not a consumerist culture, which seems to be what you are about. You obviously hate Russia and Russian culture with all your heart, it spews from you. It could be you feel detached, since you left as a child, or there is alonging in you that you dispise and act it out, spewing hatred. It could be your faith, that is not accepted or desired in Russia. Who knows.

alibi said...

The States spend money on federal grands regardless of what the US can actually afford. And it’s been like that for quite a while. Sure it’s good to support science. It’s really good. Science must be supported on federal level. There’s no other way to stay in touch with progress. No private business can afford to finance global projects like space program, or nuclear, or say microbiology. You have to give the States a credit for that. A big credit for sure. But when one spends one must think if he can afford that. The US is a bankrupt. Like it or not. The US has been and still is spending money they can’t afford. Your standard of living is ok for now. But you just wait for a little while.

I was trying to say in my previous post that we all get credit offers. But not all of us take those credits and spend the money. Sure we can get a loan and buy a nice car. A house too. But what if we can’t pay back? What’s gonna happen when we’re asked to pay back and we just can’t.
Will we still get to keep out new houses? How about cars? What will happen with our nice standard of living? The Stated were just doing that. Borrowing money to spend it. Not to invest which would be a good idea but to spend it. Just like that. The US manufacture industries are in decline. Deep decline. Where did the money go? Back in 1945 the States held about 80% of the world’s gold reserves. They were the biggest lender back then. Where’s the money?

I guess the US will still be able keep you happy for a while. Rather a short while. Considering your cravings for a high standard of living you will most probably ditch the States for… I don’t know… Canada maybe. Care to serve in Canadian army?
But then again if the States will go broke Canada will go broke too.