Friday, October 16, 2009

An Inconvenient Truth About Ukraine

The West, which itself in ever more hypocritical fashions, loves to lecture nations about not meddling in other nations’ politics, while itself acting like a brazen bully and mafiosa, buying politicians and political parties, setting up puppets and rigging elections, has found a rather inconvenient truth in Ukraine.

After spending billions on rigging the 2004 elections to put their puppets in to power: Yushenko and Timoshenko, after spending even more in attempts to prop up the economy that the Orange spoilers were very busy destroying, after spending billions on pulling Ukraine away from Russia, going so far as to even rehabilitate western Ukrainian Nazis, part of the Orange’s power base, the Ukrainian agenda has met with absolute failure. The post Christian Protestant/Catholic West has even backed moves by their puppet to attempt and split the Russian Orthodox Patriarchy, to which the majority of Ukrainians belong, by creating an artificial and little backed Ukrainian Patriarchy, a puppet of the Anglos and the Pope. The following steps have been the seizure of Church property and the rewriting of history and reality.

The majority of the people, residing in central and eastern Ukraine, have proven not only resistant to the Western hypocrisy and propaganda, but down right hostile. As the Oranges continued to tank the economy and run into the waiting arms of NATO and the EU, the outrage and anger amongst the majority of the citizens only escalated.

Last year, the annual Sea Breeze exercise, involving US troops in Crimea, ended not with a bang but with a whimper. The US troops were surrounding by crowds, in their temporary barracks, and were unable to leave. Several hundred American marines found themselves in a state of siege and after two plus weeks of continuous protests and rock throwing, the US soldiers were quietly driven back to their ships to go home. What went unreported is that three of the top organizers of the protests were all killed on the same day or day after, one in front of his 13 year old daughter. The Western Oranges had their “revenge”.

By contrast with 2009, the failed 2008 was a success. This year, the war games never even got started, as the Rada (Parliament) voted absolutely to ban any NATO forces from entering Ukrainian territory.

Of course it gets worse, not only have the overall attitudes of Ukrainians turned very much so against the Westerners (Anglos in specific), with recent polls showing 78% favoring union with Russia, but the Oranges themselves, with Yushenko in specific, showing only a 1-2% popularity rating according to Gallop Polls. Yushenko, the West’s golden boy, has the lowest approval rating of any leader anywhere in the world, be he elected or a murderous dictator. That in itself is some kind of achievement. Even Yeltsin had more support than that. To add further insult to injury, Putin, by various polls, could become Ukraine’s president without even running a campaign, he is by far the most favorite politician in Ukraine.

Yushenko’s maneuvers, which continue to aim to NATO, regardless of the massive unpopularity, have further been curtailed by the Rada, which passed a bill that no further actions can be taken towards either NATO or the EU without holding a nationwide referendum, one that the puppet will absolutely loose. Yushenko, in pure Western style, has chosen, in the name of “democracy” to ignore the ruling.

With the upcoming elections, Ukraine will have one more chance to righten its course and avoid all out breakup and civil war. The West, specifically the US, UK and Poland, will do everything possible to make sure they choose the ideological course that can only and will only lead to revolution and war, but then again, that has been the modus operand for years. Germany’s Merkel, further breaking with the Anglosphere, stood by Medvedev, while he pulled out Russia’s ambassador until the elections are over, has signaled that it has had enough of the Anglo games and recognizes the crisis and chaos they cause.

Let us hope the West avoids its usual games of chaos, at least this time.


Gregor said...

Good article Stas, but it would be better if you added links. Here in the West we are only provided quotes by Russian Uncle Toms, who want to tell us that Russia is a dictatorship under the perennial rule of bad Vlad and his Stalin worshipping cohorts and the people are begging the West to intevene.

Good point about the Ukrianian 'Orthodox' Church. It is a ridiculous idea probably brewed up by freemasons.

Leos Tomicek said...

Yes I would also welcome some links, especially on the issue of the murdered organisers of Crimean protests.


The Ukrainian Church is nothing but an uncanonical attempt to split the body of Christ, as His Holiness Kirill said.

Unknown said...

Russia has been invaded from the West many times with one objective partition. Alaska was sold because of the Crimean wars and fear that it would be taken by the British. How many times does nation need to be attacked before some of its people wake up? Every Russian every Slav must know that the West plans to divide you, and enslave you. The quislings in Ukraine Yushenko -Timoshenko and their support from the Fascist West (Catholic) areas need the same treatment as the quisling Djindjic in Belgrade. The Polish Prussian Zbigeniew Brzezinski the ashamed Slav hates his own origins the bastard he has done more to divide the Slavs than the Vatican. Yushenko -Timoshenko need to know if they Join what I call the Nazisticka , Amerikanska Teroristicka Organizacija (NATO) Ukraine that they will inherit will fit in a heart of a fruit fly.

John said...

Just a clarification, folks. The only canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church is the one often called Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Moscow Patriarchate. This is afffiliated with the Russian Orthodox Church, and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Cyril (Kirill) is also their patriarch.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kiev Patriarchate, supported by Yushchenko, is an uncanonical schismatic group that broke away from the Moscow Patriarchate for reasons of nationalism, which in itself is a grave sin, as there was absolutely no ecclesiatical/spiritual reason to cause the schism.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Moscow Patriarchate often exhorts the schismatics to return to the bosom of the Church. I might add that the major monasteries, such as the Kiev Caves Lavra and the Pochaev Lavra, are under the canonical Church. True Orthodox believers know the difference. That is why the great majority of Orthodox Christians in Ukraine (at least 2/3, but probably 75% or more) belong to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Moscow Patriarchate. They can't be fooled. As Stas so rightly puts, the West doesn't have a clue when it comes to these facts.

freddy said...

Perhaps the writer of this Blog could take the time for a much-needed mental examination....

turgon said...

Has anyone here read the book "The Third Rome." by Raphael Johnson?

I found it very interesting - and it is very much a book of praise about Russia, especially her Church - but also all of Russian history.

Did you know that the name Ivan the Terrible should be Ivan the Awesome.

It seems that Ivan the Awesome was a great Czar, and not the beast he has been made out to be, perhaps.

At any rate, Russia in Czarist times, with her great Church, seems to have been a pretty nice place. For example - the "peasants" did a lot less work then they have done since the horrible revolution.

Anonymous said...

'What went unreported is that three of the top organizers of the protests were all killed on the same day or day after, one in front of his 13 year old daughter. The Western Oranges had their “revenge”.'

Comments like this NEED to be substantiated by media reports! But a very interesting article, nonetheless.