Saturday, December 26, 2009

2010, The Saga Continues

Once again it is that time of year, where the minds of the world prognoses the future of humanity, for at least a year to come. In light of this tradition and for a second year running, I will endeavor to do the same.

As I said last year, 2009 was a gloomy year, though not quite a bad as I predicted. Of course, this does not mean I was wrong, only that with Herculean efforts, the worst was put off to a bit later, though not stopped only stalled.

Upcoming in this year will be the second fall in the Global Depression. This will start with nations failing in their sovereign debt and will quickly spiral out of control for vast areas, followed by more break down in civil order and war. Oil prices will not rise to much further in real value, though they will to some degree in dollars as inflation kicks in and pushes things up, even as a lack of demand drives prices down. However, by the end of the year, oil will see a large increase due to supply constraints caused by geopolitical issues: first in Mexico, than in Venezuela and finally in the Persian Gulf.


As I said, Russia came through the economic collapse relatively without major pain and exited recession in 3qtr. Russia will face further crisis in 2010, spurred by outside forces, however stability will reign again. The economy will briefly reenter recession and the government will be forced spend much of its remaining reserves to uphold the nation. Revenues will also go down, as world economic demand sinks.

However, being largely self sustaining, Russia will continue through and will continue to lower taxes and regulation on small businesses. Immigration from the EU and the US as well as companies flocking to open new facilities to escape the government strangulation of business in America and Europe and the vast areas of unrest, will pickup.

The collapse of Ukraine and the upcoming war with Georgia will present new opportunities, as well as improving ties with China and Japan. Ukraine will split and much of it will be on its way to absorption into Russia, as is Abkhazia and S.Ossessia. Georgia will be a protectorate.

War and civil war in Mexico, Venezuela and the Persian Gulf will push oil prices up even as demand continues to fall and Russia will be the only safe source on a large scale.


In a word, slow strangulation. First will come the socialized medicine, followed by the cap and trade and finally the forced increase in interest rates, as no one will want to buy the debt of the world's biggest beggar who is busy murdering its own economy.

Many companies will flee the US, shifting their registrations and headquarters from America to other nations with lower levels of insane regulation and taxation. Further, the crunch will force one state after another to bankrupt. The American federal government will find itself in a situation of either letting the suffering spread, before their parliamentary elections or printing money and spending with abandon to avoid the pain around election time and off set it a bit further. Thus will start the final phase of run away inflation.

The American Marxists will face a third "radical" party of conservatives, who will threaten their One Party Two Branch monopoly and will in the end require strong security and military reactions.

Disaster in Afghanistan and renewed major unrest in Iraq will only spur the feeling of instability as additionally, Mexico's civil war will continue to spill over into America.

Strong independence movements will become mainstream in Texas, southern California, Alaska and much of the old Confederacy. Pro independence terrorism will start to appear, along side a vast upsurge of SJS (Sudden Jihad Syndrome) amongst the Islamic members of America. All in all беспорядок.


While Mexico avoided a total collapse in 2009, it situation continued to deteriorate, non the less. In 2010, the Cartels will no longer aim to fight the government's assault upon their business interests but will take direct steps to over throw the central government. Already stealing billions in oil revenues directly from the oil pipelines, the cartels will seek to totally disrupt the last major money maker of the Mexican central authorities. Oil pipelines will be exploded, workers shot. Some time around the summer, Cartel gunmen on speed boats will start to raid Gulf of Mexico platforms, first only Mexican but steadily expanding to the US. Cruise ships, pleasure yachts and fishing ships will also come under fire and raiding.

The US will be forced to pull in its military resources from the Persian Gulf and other areas to deal with this disaster to its commerce. Inadvertently, I believe, this will off rail the Sunni Obama's war plans on Shie Iran. However, the Gulf will still be set ablaze, read more further down.

Crime and attacks will quickly spill across the open borders into America, bringing additional tensions to the USA.

South America

South American regimes will continue to go leftist and will some what consolidate. Venezuela will further bankrupt and its oil output will continue to diminish quickly, as one oil services company after another abandons the country for lack of pay. Chavez is already in arrears over $5 billion with no hope of paying it off, as oil prices will not increase. To take his people's minds off of the state of affairs, he will ratchet up the war talk with fellow Russian weapons client Columbia. This will evolve into a full fledged war. The war will start with a bang as both sides throw everything into it but will grind to a half and drag out as small infantry skirmishes and battles all up and down the jungle.


The collapse will continue to accelerate and the Right wing English BNP,Defense League, UK Independence Party will gain huge moves in popularity. They will be poised to sweep election, even the snap elections that the Labour (Bolshevik)- Tori (Menshevik) two branch system will pull out of the bag at the last minute. Various feel good events and crisis will be held to push the vote to the established police state rulers. Islamics will be harnessed to attempt to intimidate the nationalists and battles will break out in the streets. Elections will go to the establishment, regardless and will be viewed by the majority of the public as stolen.

Street battles between the growing force of nationalists and the Islamic-leftist union will continue to escalate and actual casualties will start to mount. The police will be caught in the middle and will suffer accordingly. Several Islamic terrorist events of mass carnage will finally tip the country, towards the end of the year, into an ethnic cleansing as authority breaks down. There will be mass expulsions and pogroms and out and out engagements between the nationalists and government/leftist/Islamics. Many of the nationalists will choose a royal to rally around, perhaps Prince Harry.

There will be further fighting between the nationalists and various Scottish/Welsh independence groups who will take this chance to make their break.

All in all, England will not have a jolly year.


Spain will have elections and a center right government will win. This will be complimented by at least one mass casualty terror by home grown Islamics. Localized pogroms will ensue.


The government will continue to lean further left, as seems to be the nature of France, on economics while leaning further right on Islamics and immigration. A referendum similar to Switzerland's will be held and the majority of the people will voice their views against Islam. Riots will break out, especially as the recovery will be shallow and will dip back to recession.

France's business and tourism will also suffer from renewed unrest. The government will eventually be forced to declare martial law in affected areas.


Berlusconi's popularity will continue to rise and Italy, especially with the Northern League will take a much more right wing approach to both business, cutting taxes and services and boosting the economy, and immigration, driving out illegals. Violence against gypsies will escalate mark-ably. Italy will continue improving relations with Lybia and will form joint patrols to keep subSahara Africans out of Italy and will aid Lybia to do the same for their southern borders.


Germany will continue developing relationships with Russia at an accelerated speed. They will actively block American drives to get Ukraine, Georgia and Turkey into the EU and will work to curtail America's growing and desperate demands for troops for NATO's boondoggles. German anger at America after the Opel fiasco will continue to grow as the Obama regime makes one blunder after another. Germany will take a very active role in pushing America out of Europe and European affairs and the bad blood will become very thick.

Trade between Russia and Germany will grow faster than at any time in the past 20 years and will go a long way to keeping both economies running while others collapse. German banks will suffer from their exposure to Poland and Hungary.

Turkish violence will continue to rise and the Germans will work actively to clap it down. Vigilantly anti-Islamic violence will also rise. A rise in Catholicism will be the back lash to the Islamic renewals.


Poland's economy will finally get its comeuppance. They have spent very liberally to contain the recession/depression but 2010 will be the year the easy cash finally runs out. Poland's belligerence towards Russia and its puppet status for the US will hurt it severely in economics as Germany and Russia's trade grows, leaving Poland out.

Failed US support and failed bid to lead an eastern portion of the EU will undermine the Polish government. While Poland will remain relatively stable, its economy and prospects will continue to sink.


If the absolute collapse could get any worse, it will in the Baltics. Mass unemployment will worsen until only the minority has jobs. At this point there will be mass unrest and the EU/UN will begin to bring food in to feed the masses.

Lithuania will move markably towards Russia and will attempt to develop some amounts of trade and business. Russia will assist it with loans for Lithuania's new loyalty. Poland and the US/UK will work to counter this and over throw the Lithuanian government through continued instability.

Estonia and Latvia will be swept by Nazi regimes, who will blame everything on the Russian minority. Street battles will erupt, plunging both nations into chaos. EU/Russian peace keepers will be deployed to keep the two sides separate and a UN commission will be launched.


Greece will be the first European nation to default on its sovereign debt. Total economic collapse will follow and rioting will escalate past last year's. By mid summer, the government will be paralyzed and the military, backed by the Orthodox Church will seize power. Islamics will stage demonstrations that will turn bloody and there will be at least a few minor terrorist acts. A full cleansing of the Islamics and Albanians will proceed throughout Greece. Greek relations with Turkey will be on the edge of war.

Romania and Bulgaria

Both will be rocked by continued social unrest sparked by a continuing worsening of the economies and mass corruption of the governments. The Orthodox Church in both countries will gain significant influence.


Tensions in Bosnia will boil over into a low level insurgency between Srpska Republic and the Muslim dominated authorities. The Croats will make protesting and rioting into a common event.


As Serbia's economic woes continue to mount, the Radicals will win the elections, drawing Serbia fully into the Russian camp. Various US/UK media reports will go to extremes to demonize the Serbs. Radovan Karadzic will be found guilty of war crimes and than quickly die from a heart attack in the Hag. Brussels will make more demands for more victims from the Serbs for its kangaroo trials. This will cause a major political stand off between the Radicals and the EU police state, drawing in Russia's weight on the side of the Serbs.

The domino effect will be fast and furious.

Once NATO steps aside and does nothing to loose yet more troops to the Serb army, the signal will be clear. The KLA will flee into Greece, Makedonia and Albania. In Albania, they will destabilize the already weak government and the state, by the end of the year will be in the process of collapsing. Makedonia will find itself once more mired in a civil war. This time, though, a weak US will not be able to stop Makedonia's neighbors from arming the Orthodox Christian state against the Islamic-Narco insurgency.


Turkey's Islamic parties will make a bid for total power and will purge the secularists from the military. The Turkish economy will continue to suffer and will loose the Russian tourism business as Islamic law begins to take full hold. Turkey's insurgency with the Kurds will also escalate and the Turks will make more drives into Iraq's Kurdistan, coordinating with the Iranians. Turkey's northern Cyprus will feel new unrest as southern Cyprus, backed by a renewed right wing Greece begins to agitate for Greek right of return.


Ukraine will be the main story of 2010, as far as absolutely failed states go. The upcoming January elections will not bring stability or peace but will instead exasperate the political infighting further, coupled with economic depression, Kiev will loose total control of the nation. Riots and demonstrations will break out in Kiev, as diehards of all sides seek to gain control of the government. The Rada (Parliament) will be riddled with the infighting and will be absolutely effective in doing nothing.

Crimea will declare out and out independence and will ask Russia for incorporation in to the Russian Federation. Die hard western Ukrainian Nazis will pour in to Crimea, backed by elements of the security forces to "establish" order. This will cause a full scale battle and will bring Russian marines directly into combat with Una-Unso and their Western backers. The US/UK intelligence will activate their Crimean Tartar elements and being a terror jihad on the peninsula. Unfortunately for the less than bright leadership of the Tartars, being on a peninsula, with no Islamic state to run and hide in and being outnumbered 4 to 1 by Russian/Ukrainian people will prove the Jihad a short and bloody affair and result in whole sale expulsion and pogroms of the Tartars. Some terror activity, with Western backing will continue, from the rugged canyons and mountains.

Eastern Ukraine will ask for Russian recognition as an independent state and will be granted it. Moves will begin to form a "union of equal states" of Russia, Belarus, Abkhazia, S.Ossessia and East Bank Ukraine. West Bank Ukraine will also fall into bickering and fighting between die hard ultra nationalists and EU puppets as well as Polish backers. Poland will move actively to intervene and dominate the local politics, which, considering Poland's long history of murder and oppression in the region, will spectacularly back fire.


That Saakashvili is still in power, shows how much I underestimated the lack of will and organization of the various opposition. This will continue, as the opposition beats itself in the chest as proud opponents of the regime but proves to be castrated mice, unwilling and unable to do much more than squeak loudly and run away.

However, as the situation worsens in Ukraine, the Obama regime will start to egg the insane Saakashvili to do "something". This something will take the form of aid and munitions to the Islamic jihadists, but at a much larger scale than before, as Washington desperately attempts to ignite the Caucus wars of the the 1990s and draw off Russian resources. This direct aid will be exposed by internal elements opposed to the Saakashvili regime and will spark a diplomatic and military stand off. When Saakashvili, still believing in his Western masters, fails to back down, President Medvedev will be forced to launch an airborne assault into the Pankisi Gorge and this in turn will spark the second Russian-Georgian war. Tbilisi will fall about 1.5 weeks later.


Netanyahu's regime and that of Obama will continue to have a falling out as the US will simply move to conclude a "peace" upon Israel, backed by the UK and EU, though the Germans will be secretly playing a double game. Israel will of course refuse and DC will do everything to undermine the state and government, while giving aid to the PLA. Rocket attacks and terrorism will pickup markably. Israel will continue to make noises about Iran but will not move nor will get directly involved in the Persian Gulf inferno that will sweep the region.

Persian Gulf

The entirety of the region will all into an all out civil war and disruption, a catastrophe for the region, but because of which oil will grow quickly in price, while world jihad, with Saudi money busy at home, will fall off. The final break downs have already begun with Dubai's default on its debts, which will spread and the open war in Yemen between Shia and Yemenis/Saudi Sunnis with Washington's direct military backing and engagement.

The war will spread, first with demonstrations and than fighting by Shia in Saudi Arabia, Oman and UAE. UAE's slave labour of Pakistanis, Indians, Filipinos and Afghans will also rise up and demolish the government and Sunni Arab control in the region. Iran will aid all of these directly with intelligence, military and money.

Saudi Arabia will redirect its Jihadist elements at Iran, causing various wide spread mass casualty terror attacks and will attempt to destroy Iran's ports. Between the two, the Straights of Hormuz will be closed and neutral shipping will be endangered. US elements will be engaged with Iran on and off without any full declaration of war, as a break down at home and in the Gulf of Mexico taxes available assets.

Iraq will again explode into full scale civil war as Iran activates its assets and launches a fight to pin down US elements.


US/NATO forces will be unable to control the nation even with extra military assets. The fighting will escalate and so will casualties. The drive to reduce casualties by pulling in the out flung bases will result in the Taliban holding all of the countryside by night, in the central and southern provinces. Russian support will never materialize, as Russian public opinion is strongly against aiding the Americans or NATO. NATO's strain will be such that one nation after another will declare an end to the commitments and begin withdrawals.


Pakistan will continue trending towards full break down. The government will continue to run out of money and will make louder demands on the IMF and the Americans for more cash, staking not only crackdowns on insurgents but threats to aid them directly if not given money. Washington's efforts to turn the government into fully puppets will only cost the central authorities even more control, and insurgents wills stage staggering attacks throughout Pakistan.


N.Korea will finally collapse. The government will be given asylum in China, effectively house arrest. South Korea will reunify the nation. This will cause a strain on resources but an over all boost to the economy. Anti-Americanism will rise sharply as Korea begins talks with the Americans on closing all American bases.


India will continue to struggle with its economy. The fact that transports are now moving at 14 knots instead of 24 will create a greater feeling of isolation for many businesses producing physical goods in India, increasing delivery times by 30%. India will also face large scale Maoist rebellions in the undeveloped and poverty strapped country side. The government will be forced to push development into these provinces or face continued and growing security issues. As such, India will move towards developing more internal demand and relying less on exporting to bring in wealth. India will pace much less pressure from Pakistan this year, however, as Pakistan's internal collapse will result in less organized efforts in Kashmir and all along the Indian border. India will also renew its efforts in northern Afghanistan, covertly, along with Russia and Iran, arming and preparing the former Northern Alliance for when the US/NATO retreats.


This is the year that China will face the canary in the mine and ignore it's hanging corpse.

China, who has taken bubble blowing to unprecedented levels. It has masked over capacity by doing something incredibly stupid, increasing that capacity further and further, and using the extra capacity in the creation of yet more capacity. Sure, this puts off judgment day by a few years, but it is coming and 2010 will be that day. World demand has not only not returned to the levels of 2007, and Chinese production capacity is well above what it was in 2007, but what demand has remained, is now being guarded by every economy to make sure its means of satisfying that demand, and thus providing jobs, stays at home. China, reacting like a blind sided, and spoiled brat who is used to everyone pandering to it, has swung out at the world and wound up in trade wars with the EU, US and Russia. Of course, this only further cuts demand for that ever expanding capacity. Judgment day is indeed here, as the majority of China's citizens, who make up the shoeless peasants and the near slave labourers in the plants, will never be able to afford what they produce.

China will react to any growing disruptions the same way they have always, with bullets. For that reason, the Chinese central authorities will continue to hold power but there will be flare ups and open rebellion in one province after another. Beijing's tactics will become as brutal as necessary to hold power.

Beijing will also use the opportunity of N.Korea's collapse and the reunification of the Koreas to push American influence out of the region, working with the Korean government and the new socialists in Japan to rid the area of the Americans, in exchange to wide open market access in China.


Japan will continue to struggle, neither in recovery or recession but in the wavy gray zone in between. Internationally, Japan will move much closer to China and will utilize this trade to grow its economy and keep its citizenry calm. Japan will also move to push the US out of its territories, with rising Japanese nationalism being the major factor.

Japan will work with China and Korea to recreate its Co-Prosperity League, though this time with a lot less Japanese domination involved. If successful, this will be the first stop to pull the rest east Asia in and to dominate it.


Cobra said...

This "analysis" looks to me more like a Russian wish list for 2010.
As never our wishes are fully materialized, some events will happen, some not.
And, certainly, some unforeseen events will happen.
One thing is almost sure: 2010 will be a year of great consequences.

Anonymous said...

How about Finland, Mr. Mishin? Maybe we Finns don't exist on your World map. We're the only country on the western border of Russia you choose to ignore in your survey. And that's auspicious for us, probably!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you predict a turbulent year. Regarding the United Kingdom, I think you overestimate the British people - most are docile and oblivious to the truth. They are only concerned with soaps, talent shows and shopping. Should TV broadcasting cease, then they may well revolt, but otherwise it is unlikely.

Looney said...

Quite a cheery forecast there. Does God play any role in this?

Stanislav said...


Why, my dear friend, that is patently not true, I choose to ignore many fine nations: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark. Simply put, there are to many nations to hit on everyone, way to many.


hamilton x said...

Looks more like my "American" wish list to this American. The break-up of these United States is neither inconceivable nor undesirable but still not inevitable. The absolute failure of Obama and the accelerating decline of American imperial power is now beyond inevitable;it is evident. I sincerely hope that Mr. Mishin is correct in predicting the continuing Russian and Orthodox resurgence. I choose to believe he is right. Comparing the Russia humiliated in Kosovo in 1999 with the Russia of 2009 is instructive.And I will assert this rather confidently:the silly optimism that greeted the rise of the juvenile "multicultural" Obama has completely disappeared in the USA. The wise will know that the failure of the man was of far less significance than the failure of the society that empowered the Preposterous One.

taken said...

You made a typo :

...this in turn will spark the second Russian-Georgian war. Tbilisi will fall about 1.5 [b]minutes[\b] later.

taken said...

What about Armenia, one of the nations you ignored.

Will the protocols with Turkey be signed? How will Russia react? You wrote Washington wants re-ignite the Caucasus wars of the 90s. Will the Karabagh war flare up again?

In my opinion, if the border with Turkey is opened, Azerbaijan will immediately attack Armenia, with US backing. The victor will be determined by the course of action chosen by Russia.

Unknown said...

Regarding Ukraine, is it likely to split up in a similar fashion to the 2004 Electoral Map?


Stanislav said...

@Urepentant British Nationalist

I hope you are wrong, but you would know better. Seems that they are at least moving to the right.

Yes, Russia is very nationalist and is moving even further that way. You are correct, many of those who speak very good english hate Russia and are in blind love with anything that the West spews. Fools but than we have had a tradition of such fools for several hundred years, those fools brought us the Marxist plague and convinced the majority to support them. They brought us the Yeltsin years of idiocy too. However, at least these generations are sick and tired of their crap and no more.

Stanislav said...


God always plays His roles and it is often only in review of history that this becomes apparent.

Stanislav said...


Armenia? I think the conflict will simmer but the Azaries are not now in a position to move, especially with Russia and Iran on either side and to much to loose with a weak Turkey.

Stanislav said...


For the core oblasts, yes, the central ones will be up for grabs.

Gavrick said...

Ah, brother Slava! We can only hope any pray for many of your predictions to take place.

Have you given any thoughts to Moldova and Prednistrovia?

May God preserve and strengthen the Holy Orthodox Church!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the upcoming "War on Babies" Stan:

Anonymous said...

@"unrepentent british nationalist"

Certainly true. The Brits are miserable and there is a degree of suppressed right-wing sentiment but they are indeed a docile and compliant bunch. The BNP will remain on the fringe for the forseeable future.

Anonymous said...

What are the prospectes for racial civil war in Britain and France next year? We are moving much closer, I should think.

And do you really think (1) Americans will start immigrating to Russia and (2) there will be a military response to an American third party, risking civil war?

vonbach said...

This might be a Russian wish list but honestly I think you'll get your wish. The BNP will start to make major strides I think. The USA will start to collapse no one is sure when it will happen but everyone thats even slightly awake to matters knows something is going to happen.

Anonymous said...

@ Stanislav,

I think I am going to take the plunge this year and start learning Russian. If we don't get a BNP elected soon, I fear it may be all over for Britain. Seriously - things need to change considerably over the next decade.

@ Halibut - I think our only hope is to win a couple of seats in Westminster. As I wrote on my blog regarding Michael Howard's latest remarks:

'The reason that Howard and the others are so frightened of the prospect of a BNP MP, is that such representation could make life very uncomfortable for our ruling elite. Firstly they could act as whistle blowers exposing the corruption and deceit which flourishes amongst the political class. But more importantly, BNP MPs would be able to ask difficult questions and by proposing 'controversial' private member's bills generate huge publicity for the party. Oh of course they're unlikely to be enacted - but imagine one proposing a referendum on capital punishment or withdrawal from the EU!'

Stanislav said...

@Moonlight Station

In Britian, yes, I believe there is much of a large chance for this but not in France, since Paris is already taking strong action to at least partially control the Islamics while London is catering to all their sadistic desires thus the English peoples are going to be much angrier than French.

I doubt that the US would use a military response to the 3rd party, they have plenty of police control and departments of dirty tricks and control of media to discredit, block or destroy any such challenges to the absolute elite.

As for Americans moving, I think it will happen, how much, I do not know, but at least some. Plenty of Russians are already heading back, even 3rd generation ones.

Gregor said...

If a British politician announced that they were going to start killing 50% of newborn children and turning them into fertiliser to feed gaia, your average Brit would scratch his balls and switch over to x-factor.

The Brit media is a joke. But if anyone wants to know what's going on here, this guy speaks a lot of sense:

His book is also really good:

Also, I don't like to promote my own blog, but if anyone is interested, here are some pictures I took demonstrating that even the shittiest back alleys in Britain are monitored by CCTV. Even if there is nothing TO vandalise, big brother will be watching.

Marbus said...

In the US in 2010, politics will enter the streets. The anger and HATRED against politicians is boiling under the surface like the lava pool below the surface of a volcano. The pressure is building and will blow up next year. The leftist media and their political counterparts already suspect it, but are living in a comfy of denial, hoping it will go away.

Every where you go you can use the words "the revolution has begun" and you will be met mostly with a smile of agreement and delight. Only the benignly ignorant and the leftists refuse to acknowledge it.

Those millions of us who intend to participate are waiting for the moment of ignition and we will be out their to reclaim the US for Christianity, decency, honesty, morality. And the removal of the perverted morality of the Hollywood bunch that was forced upon all americans and the world.

Europe moved right in 2009 and the US is moving right in 2010. Get out of the way lefties.

In 2010 another campaign will engage and challenge the corrupt news media, cbs, nbc, and abc. They will not get away with their leftist controlled media system which imitates the Soviet Era control over Pravda.

I further predict that the great speaker of empty words, the hollow suit of Ichabod Crane Obama will not be a candidate for the 2012 presidential election.

Some of the lefties in the congress already see the writing on the wall and are retiring. Smart move on their part since all the polls show that they will be booted out. and besides, they can get up to 90 percent of their pay for the rest of their lives. Bet you didn't know about that little perk both the Dem and Rep pols wrote that in on the midnight shift while all america was dozing.

I see a bright future ahead for America. Even if the economy goes to hell, we will once again call ourselves Americans and know what that means.