Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Failed State of England

The Failed State of England

Rarely in our world have we had the opportunity to watch, first hand, as a major Western power came crumbling down on itself in such a spectacular fashion as we are about to see with the final collapse of the now empireless Britain. Only the eventual collapse of the USA will make for a greater show than what is about to transpire on...or rather just off, the European continent.

For England is a failed state in all manner of levels and realities, from a total lack of freedom in the pseudo Stalinist prison camp, to the collapse of the economy, society and military, a physical collapse linked as a Siamese twin to the spiritual or moral collapse. A Godless post Christian enterprise, morally corrupt, economically penniless and over run by the most vile and foul and blood thirsty of modern world savages.

The failure is now most visible in the financial sphere, overshadowing other just as vital areas. England is a print happy, debtor nation, who while lecturing the failed economies of Iceland and Greece is itself running a 12.6% deficit, as opposed to the equally unsupportable one of Greece, at 12.7%. Worse, England is running a 0% interest rate, ruining the retirement of millions of its pensioners, even as its medical system goes about the task of dispatching them off in drove, to the other world, in a "dignified" manner, of course. At present, on average, one in 8 stores has closed down, leaving many areas abandoned, and the rate is continuing to accelerate.

Furthermore, the Stalinist state of England has forcably nationalized all major banks on the island, while spiking taxes on everything. The final blows in this financial alchemy are the proposed VAT on food, which will bring back the old misery of the 1700s and a tax on garbage, through smart garbage cans, able to judge the weight of the trash and charge accordingly, that is after a general tax that already is supposed to pay for the garbage. The final nail will be the green laws destroying what is left of England's industry.

Control wise, the government of the proto-Stalinst Blair/Brown and their shills of a Tori "Menshavik" so called opposition, have installed twice as many cameras as people. Everything is cataloged and tracked, from personal movements, to transactions to drives on the autobahns. Informants are everywhere, neighbor snitching on neighbor, friend on friend, family on family. Now comes the news that the police state will even keep dossiers on children as young as five who use or exhibit "racist" or "intolerant" behavior. What police actions will follow from this tyranny is yet to be determined. Of course this is Stalinist in the extreme, very similar to what that mad bastard did during his various great purges. The only things that are missing are the camps...for now.

To boot, the Islamic mass migration, into what is now a Jihad exporter, the UK, has been staggering, and now word has come out that the ruling elites and their shills did this on purpose. Image, a national elite that on purpose has taken radical steps to in effect, exterminate the very society that allowed them to climb to the level that they are at. In most societies, there would be pitch forks and fire brands, but not in England...only mildly worded letters of protest from the general public, as the Islamics rape and murder at will and the all watching and all knowing police state never seems to know what is and when this is going on...but God forbid you light up in a bar and refuse to put it out, they will sent an entire riot squad to get you.

Or God forbid, you fight back. Vigilantism will not be tolerated, smacks to much of individualism and must be crushed. Thus the Islamics and the half feral yobs, who will one day be recruited by them, get to run wild and victimize the rest of the population. The London metro system, smaller than Moscow's and serving a city and surroundings of half the population of Moscow, had 33 murders in 2009, as opposed to Moscow's 10. And the English write about crime in Russia?

Hang a few dozen of your hooligan and jihadist scum from trees and lamps and they'll get the point rather quickly.

But this should be no surprise, when considering that the Church of England is itself post Christian and leading the lost and be-fumbled population down into Hell and damnation and most Englanders are more than happy to follow along and spit blissfully into the eyes of God...after all, their masters have convinced them that they are humanist man-gods themselves.

Meanwhile top bishops in the Church are pushing for gay marriages and are more busy defending the Islamics that seek to Shari the Christians into extinction than in leading their flocks to Christ. Is it any wonder that the Orthodox Church is growing quickly in the UK, while whole congregations have petitioned the Catholic Pope to join Rome/ The Devil definitely has a play ground in the Church of England.

Even the vaunted English National Healthcare System is broken and killing, both by design and my neglect, possibly hundreds of thousands of people a year. In 2008, 6,000 women gave birth in corridors, lifts and taxis, when lack of beds and doctors forced them away at the last minutes before birth. A new report, just out, but apparently in the hands of the elites for over half a year, shows that some 50,000 or more a year are dieing from direct neglect in the hospital systems, and this is even without the Satanic Pathway in effect. What is the Pathway? Why the Pathway to Dignified Death, where they take sick or sickly elderly and not so elderly, pump them full of morphine and allow them to starve and dehydrate to death. The evil of such as system and the fact that the English tolerate it and have not risen past indignation and strongly worded notes, shows one how befitting of total collapse English society is.

And where are the Royals? Where are the God chosen defenders of English faith, culture and law? Where are those, designated by God to rule and veto this insanity? Why drunk, drugged and debauched into a stupor, where else? Why rule when you can screw and drink your way through life, without a care or worry and the Devil take you, and he will, what happens to your own kingdom. A sorrier lot is hard to imagine.

So what will it take to finally bring the last of this rotting wreck of humanity down? Why the upcoming war with Argentina, over the Falklands, of course. England is stretched bare in Afghanistan, yelping like a good lapdog to the yanks, the very same yanks who are obviously siding with the financially broke and corrupt Latin Argentinians over the financially broke and corrupt Anglo English. There simply is no way that England can keep the Falklands and the oil wealth there and this loss may finally tumble the rot down, a shock that the system will not survive.

But to be honest, there is some hope, in small parties, steadily gaining ground, like the English Defense League. Labeled everything under the sun that rhymes with Nazi, just like Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party, these chaps have their work cut out for them and frankly they may be way to late.

Good luck lads, you're more than going to need it.


Col. B. Bunny said...

Excellent. I commented at my blog.

Kafir Harby said...

Good piece mate !! This is a real kick in the balls. I agree with every word of it !!

Gregor said...


The major thing that is missing from this is that Brits are literally brainwashed and hypnotised by music videos and ‘reality tv’. This video by The Antiterrorist (who I don’t always agree with) is a good guide to what has been happening in Britain.

Yet, this is of course, something that no-one will talk about. At the moment David Cameron is hoping that he will win the election because his wife is more charming than Gordon Brown’s wife.

Whilst we don’t officially have ‘censorship’ in Britain, articles like yours could never be published. Instead people want to know if Gordon Brown shouted at someone. Not if he’s installed cameras everywhere, but if he might have been moderately rude to his staff.

Can’t say I agree with you about the EDL though. We need an intelligent debate about integration and faith in Britain. But the EDL are playing right into the hands of the state by suggesting there is a huge terrorist threat that needs Big Brother to save us.

Anonymous said...

"when considering that the Church of England is itself post Christian"

Yes, I don't think an Orthodox Patriarch would engage in such behavior:

Some Brits refer to the Arch-idiot as the Arch Bishop of Satan. Similar shenanigans in the American wing,the Episcopalian Church, have led me to Orthodoxy.

Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis, you hit the nail right on the head.

Cobra said...

Yep. I must agree the article is right.
But I must add that England is where the Rothschild team is located.
It is the country in which the talmudics really took over the gentile aristocracy, by money means.
This should tell the entire story about the international socialist/trotzkyite movement.

Russia Truth said...

Excellent article. Only problem is the English Defence League are not a political party, and moreover it is only the British National Party (BNP) - - that are saying all that is contained in your article.

Anonymous said...

A provocative analysis there Stan, possibly even too much so. But to what end I wonder?

The EDL? who the fuck are they? They popped out of thin air 1 year ago - why are you so keen on them?

This geopolitics lark used to be much easier to analyse back in the days of 9/11 falseflag operations and US expansionist wars.

Arius said...

"The Failed State of England". What a title, whose time has come.

vonbach said...

This pretty much sums up England actually. This is your NWO. A world were laws apply to white people but not to anyone else. Where its open season on you and your family and you get the pleasure of paying for it with your taxes. You'll hear WW2 vets say "this isn't the England we fought for." Why yes it is vets what do you think the Germans were trying to stop?

HUNGARY328 said...

This is another PERFECT analasis of a bunch of losers, Thanks GOD, there are PEOPLE who use their brain and who are leading by moral values.

Gerv said...

While I'm no fan of the current state of England, there are a number of factual inaccuracies in your piece:

* The UK has not nationalised all major banks. It has nationalised more than 50% of two of the four major banks (HBOS and Lloyds). Barclays and HSBC have not been nationalised. Not that this is an impressive state of affairs. But accuracy is important.

* The Treasury has denied that there will be VAT on food. (Although I guess we'll see next week, when the Budget happens.)

* There are not twice as many CCTV cameras in the UK as people. The best guess is about 4-5 million, about 1 for every 12 people - which is still a lot, of course.

* Describing the Queen as "drunk, drugged and debauched into a stupor" is a low slander. The same goes for it as a description of Prince Charles and Prince William. You should apologise and retract that. It's true that Harry (3rd in line to the throne) is occasionally seen in nightclubs. But he is now in the Army, where he can't get in trouble.

I'd also like to see citations for "1 in 8 stores are closed" and "there were 33 murders on the Underground in 2009". Given that London's yearly murder rate for the entire city is about 170, I would be very surprised if 33 of those were on the Underground. In fact, Googling for "Tube murder" doesn't produce any news reports for 2009 at all.

Harry said...

I am extremely sad that your analysis is so starkly true.

Britain has in the past twenty years become a dreadful little shithole.

Stanislav said...


I said royals, the queen may be an exception and only that, but she has foresaken her God given responsibility to rule and has allowed, on her watch, this rot to set in.

Charles cheated, quite publicly, on his wife.

Fergei had affairs. If I recall, even with her body guard.

William dressed up as an SS officer at a party. then he was out numerous times drunk in public.

Now, look here, I have been known to tie down a few ounces...hell, much more than a few, now and than, what self respecting Russian has not, but a person in a position such as the would be heir to the throne, should not be out in public, drunk, undignified like some college idiot. What example does he set for society?

His family was set and empowered by God, like all royals, to rule and to answer before Christ for their nation, as well as for their own behavior...a heavy burden, sure, come with the titles....where in England are they carrying their duties out, as their country sinks into the sewage?

UK recession has left one in eight shops empty

Gerv said...

Stanislav: I agree that Charles is not a picture of moral probity. I worry about what will happen when he becomes king. And Andrew probably made an unwise marriage. But I do think that your comment was both over-broad and overstated. One photo of someone in the back of a cab doesn't equate to the picture you are painting. And, as you admit, the Queen behaves very well.

I don't envy her her position - she's in a bind. Is it more wise to precipitate a constitutional crisis than to attempt to use her influence in restraint? It's hard for us to judge - we can't tell what she's doing behind the scenes.

Thanks for the reference on "1 in 8 shops". Fair enough... :-(

Unknown said...

Gregor said...

Just an overall observation provoked by your discussion with Gerve: the advantage of blogging is that you get to use hyperlinks, but conversely it does look dubious when bloggers don't link much. Your site has a lot of fascinating articles, but more hyperlinks would definitely make it a lot better.

Can't say I agree with you re William/Harry though. They are young, and better that they play hard than they be softies.

John Sobieski said...

England has become an exporter of jihad troops. And with the easy visa passage the jiihadist's have in Britain, the West is a sitting duck.

Cameron is worse than Brown is that is possible to imagine. Brown is a blind bat who has his notes in 24 font. huge head, no brain. But where is the rebellion? Nowhere as you point out. Sheep being led to slaughter. Sadly the US seems to be following the same deadly path.

What is Russia doing about your ever expanding Muslim population? One of the most outspoken church clerics was recently murdered and what did Russia do about that?

The jihad is on everywhere, and the dhimmi's leading the West have got to go!

Stanislav said...


Typical old Anglo media crap...yes, fighting Islam hard is bad...must be nice and talk nice with Islamomanica. How is Afghanistan working out? Going to use the Iraq "victory" model? Pay everyone off tens of millions of dollars not to shoot at you...screw your own people and country and give cash to a bunch of mideaval long will that "victory" last?

Stanislav said...


There is no growing Muslim problem in Russia, there is a growing problem FOR Muslims in Russia...mass conversions to Christ.

20Mln Muslims in Russia and mass conversion of ethnic Russians are myths - expert

Moscow, April 10, Interfax - The often-claimed proportion of Russian citizens belonging to the Muslim faith is overestimated, the Russian islamologist Roman Silantyev thinks.

'The most widespread estimation of 20 million Muslims is unrealistic,' Silantyev said as he presented his new book on Russian Islam in Moscow.

The number of Russian Muslims is 'the most serious myth' about Islam in today's Russia, where no verifiable data has been available so far.

Silantyev said he met estimations between 5 and 50 million Muslims in Russia.

In the same time the number of ethnic Muslims in Russia is more or less known and estimated to be 14.5 million, Silantyev said. Yet surveys say that there are only 7 to 9 million people who adhere to the Islamic faith in Russia.

Another popular myth is a mass conversion of ethnic Russian to Islam, he added.

'Less than 3,000 ethnic Russian have converted to Islam for the last 15 years,' Silantyev said.

According to the researcher, for the same period almost 2 million ethic Muslims have become Orthodox Christians for the same period. Over 400 Russian Orthodox clergy belong to traditionally Muslim ethnic groups, 20 percent of Tatars are Christian, and 70 percent of interfaith marriages result in the Muslim spouse conversion to Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Is Prince Charles a closet moslem???
Some of the stuff I've read about him gives me the willies.

Lesley & Derek said...

England is not a state it is a nation. Are you conflating Britain with England? Many do.

gatesofvienna said...

England is NOT a nation, but a region of Europe!
In the EUSSR nations do not exist except in ones mind.
EUMED Expansionism allowing more and more muslim immigration into the UK and Europe.
King Charles' How?
No Kingdom, no King or Queen,
Regions have no need for a Royal.
The Queen is a traitor!!!
Menshaviks.....Friends of the British Fabians in Westminster?

David Wheeler said...

Much of this is simply not true.

David Wheeler said...

Most of the 'facts'in this piece are NOT true.