Monday, September 6, 2010

Why Should Russia Bare Responsibility for Soviet Crimes

Many in Washington and Brussels and their re-Nazified satellites in the Baltics will be a gasp at these words. So much the better, in this era of Western revisionism of the historic truth.

Never mind that we, Russians, were the first and last victims of a foreignly sponsored, traitorous revolution, whose roots are firmly in the cities of NYC and London. Never mind that they stole our gold, while acting like allies and only gave our White Guard half the bullets while feeding the Marxist beast the rest, to make sure the Marxist Beast, which had in turn offered them the rape of Russian resources, would win.

Never mind that these same Luciferians elevated Hitler and started World War Two, while companies and men like Henry Ford and the Ford Corporation or GM through Opel, continued manufacturing Nazi war equipment through 1945, utilizing our women and children as slave labour. And these are the Heroes of the West?

So why should Russia bare responsibility for this? Never mind that the core shock troops of Lenin were the Latvian Rifles. That Trotsky brought American cash and a US citizenship, that Stalin and Beria were Georgians, Khrushchev a Ukrainian, that 14 other republics were part of the Soviet Union. Or that the Vatican covered up Soviet atrocities throughout the 1920s in its blind hope to "make" Russians Catholic.

It is of course convenient for the Western elites to try to lay the blame on the head of Russians, the one force they still fear that is near enough to them, all the while they court the other former parts through bribes and revolutions.

The West likes to ignore that its first bastard Marxist child, the Soviet Union, was first and foremost directed at the destruction of Russian faith and culture and in truth in the destruction of our very identity.

Now these carpet baggers and their puppets in the Baltics and Georgia demand compensation? Why is it, that Russians, being only 60% of the Soviet population and underrepresented in the government, took on the responsibility of the entire Soviet debt, from which the outlaying republics benefited the most? Why is it that Russia was responsible for all treaty obligations and not Ukraine? Or Georgia? Or nah say, Latvia? Or at least their portion of it?

The West loves collective victimhood, especially when they as usual are the ones throwing stones while ignoring their own history. Just as they continue to propagandize the Serbs, the biggest victims of ethnic cleansing in Europe of the past 50 years, as the criminals, so too do they attempt to blame the Gulags on Russians. Where is the blame for Red Felix and his Poles? Where is the blame on the Jews (the Marxists whose names are struck from Jewish text books least they learn that like all other races they have both good and evil) or the Georgians or the Latvians and Ukrainians?

Similarly, Polish fascism (Poland was the 2nd fascist state of Europe, 1926), their concentration camps for the Orthodox Christians prior to WW2 and for Germans in 1946, are ignored, as is their alliance to Hitler from 1937-1938. Ignore, buried and denied, by the very same groups who than turn around and accuse us.

At last our leadership has stood up to this evil from the Western Elites. To long we have been like the stupid Anglo-American serfs beaten on the heads for slavery that ended 150 years ago. No more.

Our leaders have finally woke up from the stupor of self hatred the West has continuously thrown at us. They are adopting a universal declaration disclaiming all responsability for moral, legal and financial actions of the Soviet Union, domestic and foreign. Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Konstantin Kosachev, a leading United Russia voice on foreign affairs has spearheaded this move. Bravo.

It is 10 years later than it should have come. Ten years, since that drunk and Western puppet Yeltsin would have never amounted to this.

But this must be taken further, with the full de-Marxinization of Russia. All traces of the Soviets must be purged. Their party heads and the party itself must be brought up on trial for treasonous crimes against the Russian people.

It is well past time that these criminals pay and that proper responsibility be laid at the feet of their mothers, the Western elites.


Loki said...

dear stanislav,

...latvian rifels the core shock troops of lenin??
well, well, well - what about the r e a l core of the bolsheviks - the j e w s ??
nothing to comment on?



puckindog said...

Stan...It has always puzzled me since the collapse of the SU why the Russian people haven't "hauled" their former Soviet tormenters in for detention, interrogation, trial and execution....bring them to account for their 70 years of mayhem. At least the Romanians had the sense to hang their "chief" commie. Of course the same can be said of the US and its present generation of deviant, pedophile, homo office holders...both republican and democrat. Their only retirement should be to the cemetary.

jack said...

It’s all part of the covert war against Russia Stas which is linked with US lead supremacy in Europe and control of Eurasia and part of the overall machinations against Russia.

Although the official number incarcerated and killed is grossly overestimated as revealed by the archives and real historians who have studied them Getty, Wheatcroft, etc and that Stalin killed more people than Hitler prior to WW2 myth if we include the 6 million dead figure of the Holocaust simple fact is that hostile minority groups controlled the Soviet Union lead by Marxist Pale of Settlement Jews who lead the most important posts and created and ministered key Soviet institutions GULAGS, secret police, etc and put hostile minorities in key positions by killing of the Russian ruling elite and any potential figures that could lead a Russian national resistance.

You forgot to mention Stas the Communist takeover was a result of western attempts to break up the Russian Empire and support of Marxist international Communism centred in the conflict in the Pale of Settlement and propaganda about the “genocide”, suppression and pogroms against Jews.

There doing the exact thing today through there proxy conflict in Chechnya which even the US own DEA report admitted there links to international terrorist and like Marxist terrorists their goal is to genocide Russia’s and use it as a base for a global jihadist revolution.

The 9/11 plot itself was conceived by Bin Ladin and Chechen warlord Khattab in 2000 and put into action in 2001 to hijack planes in the US and land them on US soil demanding US release Muslim prisoners in US jails and international pressure on Russian forces to withdraw from Chechnya.

There only promoting the Soviet= Russian guilt narrative to demonise Russia and create a wedge between neighbouring state like Ukraine and other strategic regions like Crimea, Caucasus, etc to promote hostility against Russia even though the Soviet officials charged with crimes were predominantly not Russia.

The so called Holomodor engineered famine hoax is totally bogus based litteraly on Nazi/Fascist propaganda and debunked at the time did not affect the western regions of the country but the Russian East and areas throughout the USSR of large agricultural centres.

Cobra said...

Let me tell you why....
While it's true that in the first part, the Revolution was talmudic in its origin, after Stalin got comfortable in his chair, he changed the nature of the revolution, from Trozkyism, i.e., talmudic internationalism, to his thuggish, nationalistic style of communism, which remained in existence until the USSR disappeared.
Furthermore, the troops which brought the communist nightmare in Eastern Europe behaved like the Mongol hoards...
Even to this day, the elders in my home country remember the order barked by them: Davai (insert any valuable here)!
If not, a bullet to the head, or your wife or daughter raped in front of you.
So, trying to absolve the native Russians is cute, but it would not work...

Stanislav said...


You won't say what nation, but lets see, was your nation an ally of Hitler and thus invaded the SU or was your nation a victim.

Well its not Poland (who was a temporary ally of Hitler), so it was either Czech, a victim or Serbia a victim (and Russia did not behave that way in either) or it was Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungarians or Croatia, all allies of Hitler and in that case, what exactly do you expect after Hitler and his very very willing allies massacred 20 million of our people.

As for Hitler and his allies, they did more than "Davai" (command inserted). They marched men and women to ditches and massarcred them. Or took them to rivers and tied them togather and to a stone and threw them in. They butchered our women with their babies in their hands. They took our girls and moved them to their factories and beds, back in Deutchland and other allies. They murdered for 4 years with absolute abandon. If we killed only 1 for 1, how many people would have been left in your country?

As it was, 2 million German civilians died from Russian guns, as opposed to 20 million of ours (never mind the number of Poles, Serbs, Greeks and Czechs killed by the Nazis). The remaining 6 million died from US/UK bombs and guns and how many civilians died from their side?

You best thank God we were not Mongols and we were not Americans or Brits, or your homeland would have been empty and only Russians would live there now. And no one in the West would have said a thing.

Let let you in on a clue, if we were Mongols or behaved like Mongols or even Americans or Brits, after Hitler and his allies (slavic included) murdered 20 million of our people, there would not have been a city left standing and a man left alive.

So sure, you can bitch moan and complain about it, but we did not whole sale exterminate you, now did we? Nor did we burn down your cities, but helped rebuild after WW2.

Furthermore, it was Russians who once we were in power in the SU removed Soviet troops from Eastern Europe and liquidated the nation.

vonbach said...

Two million German civilians my eye. At least 6 million German civilians died after the war because of the Allies. 16million displaced with 2 million "missing" along the way from the mass expulsions. There were
plans on the books to exterminate the Germans as a
people. It was called the Morganthau plan. The reason
the Russians should be held responsible for Soviet crimes is bluntly put the jews running the country didn't pull the red army soldiers pants down.

Anonymous said...

You are right. Russia should bear zero blame for actions of USSR.As for post WW2 the same applies. Much of the atrocities were committed by units comprised of Soviet but non Russian people encouraged by the likes of Ehrenburg.Also Germany attacked first , case closed.

Stanislav said...


A well, that's a different point. Yes, there were some 9 million Germans who died at the hands of nationalist Poles (who in 1946 were running the extermination they were running them in the 1930s for the Orthodox) and the Czechs, as well as the Americans and French who took German POWs and left them in the open fields, surrounded by wire and let them starve and die of the elements.

However, that was not the Red Army, who marched most of the SS and such off to Siberia but did start to actually feed the Germans in E.Germany. Hard to make good Soviet bufferzones if there are no people to Sovietize.

Furthermore, if we go down the road of Russians. Stalin held a parade, after Stalingrad, through the streets of Moscow, with the German POWs. As several witnesses wrote, after the German generals and colonels passed with the beaks held high, the bedraggled and broken troops followed. The women (for it was mostly women and children watching) whose husbands, sons, fathers, and brothers were fighting or dead, broke through the line of military police and started to feed the German POWs.

Not exactly what Stalin had in mind.

As for the Bolshavik Jews, there weren't many around by that point. They either ran with Trotsky, their hands still wet with blood, or wound up dead, in their own camps. Most of the show was being run by Georgians and Ukrainians, by the late 1930s.

Cobra said...

Why do I have the feeling that you think I am defending the Germans?
I don't. At all, even if I understand their anger at the talmudics who, more or less, engineered the whole debacle after the WWII and the Weimer Republic.
As for the plight of the neighbours against Russians, that predates the WWII by hundreds of years.
After all, the commie aggression was just another Russian imperialistic war.
Wasn't Peter the Great the Tzar who set up the goals for Russia's expansion?
Catherina, and the next Tzars just pursued the same expansionist policies.

jack said...


You forgot to mention that towards the end of WW2 British and US army intelligence recruited Nazi intelligence and aligned nationalist groups officials throughout Europe and Polish army intelligence linked with France prior to WW2 to conduct warfare operations against Soviet forces after WW2 which after that failed became covert and psychological warfare operations. So obviously this had an impact on the post WW2 arena.

This same network operated throughout out the Cold War and the post Cold War period as was utilised in the Balkans with Ustashi exiled forces in Germany and the Turkish Grey Wolves as well as the new US Islamic networks it developed since 1979 with the exception of Croatia was utilised in the Caucasus region as well against Russia and Armenia, China and Central Asia.

David B. Carvalho said...

Did you mean "BEAR responsibility"?

A country is never responsible for anything. A whole people cannot be held responsible, much less a piece of land limited by frontiers. Individuals are responsible. Therefore, this discussion is quite pointless. Anyway, only God has the power to punish - and He does punish - entire nations (peoples) for iniquity. If the Russian nation ever become iniquitous, the punishment from God is certain.

"Communism teaches and seeks two objectives: Unrelenting class warfare and absolute extermination of private ownership. Not secretly or by hidden methods does it do this, but publicly, openly, and by employing every and all means, even the most violent. To achieve these objectives there is nothing which it does not dare, nothing for which it has respect or reverence; and when it has come to power, it is incredible and portentlike in its cruelty and inhumanity. The horrible slaughter and destruction through which it has laid waste vast regions of eastern Europe and Asia are the evidence; how much an enemy and how openly hostile it is to Holy Church and to God Himself is, alas, too well proved by facts and fully known to all."
- Pope Pius XI, Quadragesimo Anno, 1931

Anonymous said...

@cobra The expansionist policies you speak of under Peter and Catherine in the East were no different than Americas push west. Only the natives in Siberia got a better deal than the Indians .As for the south and west,what was Russia to do ? Tolerate attacks from Istanbul,and later London and Paris.

jack said...


It’s amazing how Russians cannot see obvious and present dangers until they get to a situation where they are unable to control it.

I will be doing a future post proving that 9/11 was an offshoot of a Bosnian-Chechen international western and Mid Eat linked terrorist network with the 9/11 plot itself originally intended to hijack and land commercial planes in the US demanding release of jihadists in US prison and Russian troops withdraw from Chechnya organised and conceived by Bin Ladin, Chechen warlord Khattab and Chechen and Taliban leaders back in 2000 according mainly to French and US intelligence sources.

So let’s stop talking about ghosts of the past and concentrate on things that are happening now.

Rusty Mason said...

"It’s amazing how Russians cannot see obvious and present dangers until they get to a situation where they are unable to control it."

I believe the same can be said of Americans, Brits, and Germans.

"So let’s stop talking about ghosts of the past and concentrate on things that are happening now."

No can do. History is important; the past informs the present. A country which does not remember its history is like a man who has no memory -- no identity and no awareness of danger, a prey to every evil.

The common, eternal enemies are the universalists and the internationalists, the Marxist/globocapitalists, which includes the international do-gooders, the blood-thirsty imperialists and their banksters, the racial-mongrelizers and the anti-nationalists. Though not exclusively made up of Jews, these groups are led almost exclusively by Jews and their lackeys, al throughout modern history.

vonbach said...

What angers me more than anything else is that only
the Germans are held responsible for WW2 atrocities.
The Russians were ruled by an unspeakably evil cadre of jews and their puppets. A fair portion of the Red Army wasn't even Russian. Whats the rest of the Allies excuse? Without FDR and Churchill's meddling WW2 would have never even been a world war. If it would have started at all. Germany gets blamed for starting the bombing campaign thats bull the British did it first and were aiming to kill as many civilians as possible. I'd like to see all the allies take some responsibility for what they did. At least the Russian
people have made some steps in the right direction
with honoring the German dead.

jack said...

@Rusty Mason

You can't compare the situation in Russia to what is happening in EU and the US.

Unlike the phoney Islamic terror threat against the US and EU, Russia faces over a billion dollar, 50 nation Islamic terrorist threat stretching from the Balkans to the Caucasus and the whole of Eurasia created by western intelligence and military involved in the international drug especially now there setting up the Afghan drug market and sex trafficking networks which is thousands of Russian girls each year and everything else linked to the largely Jewish international “Russian” mafia and the intelligence services of the US and Europe.

With this final drive in Afghanistan which they are setting up to destabilise the whole of Eurasia the whole region with their long intended goal to engulf Russia in civil war just like in 1917.

This piece of shit Russian government won’t say or do anything about it. God is this government awful.

The same can be said of any Russian commentators just not an issue is it Stas?

Anonymous said...

vonbach. Hundred percent right .Dont hold your breath waiting for allies to look past raw wartime bilge propaganda. Germany is even worse still ruled by a provisional occupation regime. Lets face it Russia is the only major player even willing to take an honest look at its past.Western schoolkids are still being "taught" the Anne Frank forgery. God help us.

Rusty Mason said...

"This piece of shit Russian government won’t say or do anything about it. God is this government awful."

Nothing at all?

I've heard that the Putin regime is better than a few previous ones, but nothing to write home about. I do hear about efforts to raise the birth rates and the resurgence of Russian Orthodoxy, but real info is hard to come by.

Somethinng that is confusing are joint efforts between the US and Russia in business and technology. How real are they, who's really benefiting, and how deep do these relationships, if real, go? Our press blocks all truth here in America, and the real news from Europe is usually in a foreign language unaccessible to us.

And what the heck is the deal with Medvedev and Bono? Too weird. If Bono's involved in anything having to do with your country, you had better hold onto your guns and your wallet.

Stanislav said...


wow, a Western suckup, who makes her money off of feeding Western paranoia, is definitly the "source". The West, mainly the US/UK, has been almost exclusively aggression to destroy Russia for the past 20 years, even if the bastards wear smiles half the time and Russians are the aggressors?

Keep pushing Ivan and keep pushing, because when Ivan gets tired, he'll strike back, and you'll get what you dread the worst but what you made reality.

This is as stupid as the Islamics blaming the victims of suicide bombings for the bombings for being non-Islamics.

We are not Western slaves so we must be the reason that the West moves to destroy us.

You will get the enemy you so crave in the West, sooner or later, but while the US/UK are broken debters, Russia is a manufacturing giant back on the rise and in the US/UK stupidity they'll get the very enemy they so orgasm over and which they are to weak to deal with.

Or we could just leave you be to be massacred by your beloved Islamic scum you import...a more fitting end.

The point though, its not the aggressor West that needs to wake....just ask all the Orthodox it murdered directly or by proxy over the past 20 years, its Russia that needs to fully wake up to the enemy at our gates.

Stanislav said...

@Rusty Mason

Yes, turning the nation around, rebuilding the economy, trippling the average wage, controlling abortion, bringing property rights, trial by jury, controlling/clamping down the Western sponsored Jihad, bringing Christianity to the education system is nothing to write home about....right.

Most American conservatives would cream their panties to have such a candidate...but because of their inbred Russia hatred, are to stupid to see Russia for what it is and continue to buy any propagada with their last, Chinese owned penny.

Pervych said...

Вы сказали, Ватикан и 1920-х годов??? У них были свои проблемы, особенно с середины 1800-х годов ... и Великий Св. Пия X, возможно, были убиты одним и тем же силам оккультной, но великое преступление и непочтительность это не сделали посвящение России, что было предложено по Божией Матери в Фатиме вместо няни проклятые американцы и т.д.!!!БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

Cobra said...

I still do not understand why you are still compounding the Westerners, including the USA PEOPLE, with the ZOGs?

Anonymous said...

Total bulsshit.