Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Modern Abortion, the Demonic Worship of Baal-Moloch Writ Large

Modern Abortion, the Demonic Worship of Baal-Moloch Writ Large

In ancient days, in times, long forgotten except by historians and those who actually read the Bible (both these days a minority in the West), there was a worship of a truly demonic power that was so black, so evil, so dark, that its center Tyre, was raised by Alexander the Great and its citizens sold into slavery, as was foretold by the prophet Ezekiel.

They worshiped Baal-Moloch with sadomasochistic orgies and mass burnt sacrifices of children. Ships from as far away as Carthage brought yearly offerings of child sacrifices to the home city.

Baal-Moloch, who "gave" plenty, in both grain, thus wealth, and fertility, thus children and live stock, also demanded them in fiery sacrifice. The parents brought the very dearest  gift that not the demon Baal-Moloch but the ever present God had given them and gave that gift up to the red priests. The priests in turn slid the baby/child into the ovens below the statue of the demon, feeding their master. In return for this murder the parent(s) received a better quality life. Keep this in mind for later.

The worst, at least in Carthage and we can conjecture in Tyre also, when Alexander the Great arrived, was yet to come. When the Roman legions gathered outside the walls of Carthage and the Carthenagian Republic (yes a REPUBLIC) was on the verge of extinction, the priests held out the hope of survival of the state through mass child sacrifices to the black godling.

“The Ancients assembled … and when the pontiff of Moloch asked them whether they would consent to surrender their children … All successively bent their heads in approval … The decision was almost immediately known in Carthage, and lamentations resounded. The cries of the women might everywhere be heard; their husbands consoled them, or railed at them with remonstrances … Then … the priests of Moloch began their task. Men in black robes presented themselves in the houses … the servants of Moloch came and took the children away. Others themselves surrendered them stupidly. Then they were brought to the temple of Tanith, where the priestesses were charged with their amusement and support until the solemn day …  “Salammbo,” Gustave Flaubert

“Moloch was represented under the figure of a man with the head of a calf … erected upon an immense oven, which [see Note 1 below] [page 54] was lighted to consume at once the seven kinds of offerings. During this holocaust, the priests of Moloch kept up a terrible music, with sistrums and tambours, in order to stifle the cries of the victims. Then took place that infamy cursed by the God of Israel: the Molochites abandoned themselves to practices worthy of the land of Onan (masturbation] and, inspired by the rhythmic sound of the musical instruments, writhed about the incandescent statue, which appeared red thru the smoke; and they gave forth frenzied cries as, in accordance with the Biblical expression, they gave their seed to Moloch.” (“History of Prostitution,” by Paul LaCroix, French author and historian; 1806-84)
 But the tens of thousands of children murdered to the demon "god" did not save the city and the Romans tore it down, wall by wall and salted the grounds it had once stood on.

Baal-Moloch disappeared all together in the Roman world, whose own paganism was replaced by Christianity. Or did it?

In essence, this satanic cult has always been with us. We, as humans, are ever wishing for the easy life, the animal instinct in us is lazy and the soul is often weaker than the flesh. Satan is ever nearby to take advantage of this. Easy sex, easy life is there for the taking, and so is the easy removal of the burdens.

When a woman gives up her child, now prior to birth not post birth, for the reasons of "economics" or "ability" to raise him, that child, once aborted, is in the end burnt or rather incinerated. The burnt offering to Baal-Moloch is still created and created under the exact same hopes as it has been done for centuries: the hope for a rich and easy life.

The rich and easy life is just that, easy life, but life itself is rather short. One can not give praise for the day to come, when one can not be sure to life to see its sun rise. As such, we, as societies, continue this evil practice, in an albeit, more sanitized version of abortion, to buy our way out of "costly" children, a gift given directly from God. In so doing we damn our souls and the souls of future generations who will grow up and be perverted by the societies thus made.

Is it not past due that our "Christian" societies put a final end to this mass and massive sacrifice of our own children to a demon whose appetite has never known and will never know limits?


longplainfirstnation said...

Dude, Christianity did not even exist at this time. You are so crazy it is refreshing to see. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

The Sandy Hook incident was a sacrifice by the globalist traitors on the altar of their old world disorder. Dark days in the formerly great representative republic.

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

How true, Christianity as practiced by many in our 'modern' societies,has been hijacked, transformed to that which is not. I remember seeing a Russian movie (Ostrov) The Island, where a young woman comes to get the saint's blessing for an abortion..and his answer..I recommend the movie..even in Russia there are so many..and many times the man does not know not given an is a woman's 'decision'...we need to change and restructure return to the values, of Love to shed the 'shame' and save a life, return to the practice of family for Humanity's sake.
The 'entity' in this article indeed exists to this very day, he serves as the prime 'minister' of their religion, he lives under the Taklamakan Desert, he was there with the Kronian Atlantians and their sacrifices eating babies, he was there when they surrounded Zeus at Olympos mountain, he survived the Ellino/Atlantian war instigated by the fallen archangel and his minions and he will be there at Arandis (New Sion) Thessaloniki that is, in the near future, so that prophesy will be fulfilled. It is all there in the Apocalypse of John. Yet Orthodoxy must take its rightful place and withstand once again the trials of History as it unfolds, harsh, violent, apocalyptic once again.

Anonymous said...

Great article.
I choose to endure sufferings, adopt hardwork, and yearn for God's embrace.

alsch said...

As an American I find your constant criticism of our country sometimes irritating and unbalanced. But I have to say that you are one of the most stimulating people writing on big philosophical issues. We in America have certainly lost touch with much of Western and Mediterranean culture and History.

Anonymous said...

What a total arsehole this blog writer is!

Anonymous said...

Every lie has a kernel of truth.It takes a fascist dictator to know a fascist dictator like our Commie democrats in the US. They sure are the " experts" just like the propaganda BBC. Yes they are playing our emotions to keep us mad so Obama succeeds like giving our missile defence away for nothing at all. That I even read this and the R/T propaganda on Drudge is just another example of us being played like the fools we all are.

Just more giving false voice and standing to proven traitors and scum that censor everything and kill their journalists just like Obama and gang. Sure " keep our guns" is just another sick joke of Putin jerking off in our faces once again. So lets see if this even posts.....

Anonymous said...

"Christianity did not even exist..."

This shows a lack of understanding of the Scriptures.

Christ, the Son, has existed since the beginning of time. It was by Him that all things were created.

The Hebrew Yahweh or YHWH is God as the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Man was redeemed from the curse of the Law by Christ the Son taking upon Himself the punishment for our sins in breaking God's laws and dying that we may live.

Yahweh appeared to Abraham as Christ manifested Himself as the Angel of the LORD throughout Scripture in the "Old Testament" also known as the "Old Covenant."

Christ came as the completion of the Old Covenant whom the Sons of Abraham rejected as the Messiah.

His sacrifice offered a "New Covenant," not for the Jews only, but for all mankind.

"Judaism" and "Christianity" branched out from this point of division.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog from your fantastic global warming column posted on Pravda, which was linked from our American I think you are spot-on about abortion being modern-day Baal worship, with its godless proponents here in America serving as high priests. Great blog post.

Curt said...

"Dude, Christianity did not even exist at this time. You are so crazy it is refreshing to see. Amazing!"
What the heck are you talking about? He didn't say anything about Christianity having something to do with this practice, or anything of the sort. My inference of his use of Christianity is whether we "good" Christians would work to see the end of Abortion, which he sees as an extension of this ancient sacrifice. Read more slowly if you must.

Unknown said...

Brilliant and dead on. The killing of our unborn by the millions is in homage to our god, personal comfort and pleasure at all costs. And this god will, like all false gods, bring us to ruin. There is no repentance of this sin in the West...and because of this and others we will be judged...are being judged. The only hope is a national revival of faith and repentance...but I fear we will have none of it.

Thank you for your insightful posts. Please keep posting.

Dan Newcomb
Houston, Texas

Antonia said...

I thank God for those people who publicly stand against the evil of abortion, doubly evil when there are so many couples who would love to adopt these "unwanted" babies. Opposition to abortion is usually dismissed as religious fundamentalism, but Ovid's elegy (bk.2, no. 13) is famous for his utter disapproval of Corinna's abortion:
"No tiger in its Armenian lair would do it,
no lioness would dare destroy her foetus.
But tender girls do it, though not un-punished:
often she who kills her child, dies herself."

Marcus said...

Your 'history' is very flawed. Flaubert was no archaeologist or for that matter a scholar of ancient civilisations. Your other sources are also simply quoting aged hearsay etc.
Ba'al was a regional god like any other. In particular, like Yahweh, Ba'al was a bringer of needed storms. Enemies of Carthage made up the child sacrifice story. It is most likely that there was a teenage intitiation involving fire. (This accusation persists into modern times as the 'Blood Libel' of the Jews.)
Also, there are Carthaginian archaeological signs of reverently preserved cremated remains of babies and young children. Like many other cultures, it's believed that the stillborn and early dying were held to be particularly holy.
In this, you have more in common with the worshippers of Ba'al than you might have thought.

Unknown said...

If life begins at conception, why did Jesus say to be born again, not conceived again?

Stanislav said...

@Sitara Singley

That is a protestant misconception of what born again means. Born again, that Christ was speaking of, was to be born again in the Faith and Righteousness of God and it is not a one off process or a second baptism. Every time you do a sacrament, major or minor (such as prayer or ukarist) you are born again in Christ.

Anonymous said...

As a former theistic satanist I thank you for pointing out the danger of moloch and his adherants. It is not only this world he can actually strive for now but also the realm of Ha-Shaitan (the title satan is held by Lucifer).
Think about it, there are more people who propagate abortion than those who worship lucifer.
Even when I was a satanist I found moloch to be unsettling and creepy.
I wrote an ebook about my experiences called "Creed of Assiah". Its free to all and is available for download at

Unknown said...

This is a misunderstanding of what Christianity is. Jesus, God born as a human being to Mary, a virgin, called Himself God and stated that "before Abraham was, I AM," thereby claiming to have both preexisted Abraham and His taking on human form. The prophets of old spoke of Him. Moses wrote of Him, prophesying that He would "bruise Satan." The faithful of ancient time looked forward to when the One anointed of God would come as a man.
Christianity therefore was founded on the sixth day of creation when man, Adam, had life "breathed" into a nonliving human body formed of the dust of the ground.
We do not speak of this in our usual way as Christianity but it has been understood that what we commonly view as "Christianity" is the final stage on the worship of God.

Unknown said...

The United States Constitution forbids the Government from denying any human being the protection of the law ("out-lawing"). Enactments that purport to put any human being outside the protection of the law are not law, though having the form of law.
Article I, section 9 prohibits the federal government from "attainting" (sentencing to death) anyone. Section 10 prohibits the states from the same.
Justice Harry Blackmun, credited as author of the infamous ruling Roe v. Wade, pointed out in the text at note 49 and in footnote 54 the inconsistency of the state claiming on the one hand that the unborn are protected by the law but on the other hand prescribing no punishment for the aborting mother and lesser punishment for the illegal abortionist than for the murderer of a born person.
Unfortunately not even the "pro-life" amici curiae brought this up and, as the Court was not inclined to consider points of law in favor of the rights of the unborn on the Court's own motion, the rights of the unborn were not considered.

Unknown said...

In the West we retain a day name honoring Moloch: Saturn-day. Saturn is a Roman name for Moloch (meaning "king"). Russia, however, calls the seventh day of the week "subotu" - sabbath.
Unfortunately, Russia has one of the highest rates of abortion known in the world, honoring Molech while declining to call a day by its name.

Stanislav said...

Hally, the 7th day is not subota but voskresenia...your of the sun, our day of rebirth or baptism. Voskress is to rise again, as Christ did.

Anonymous said...

You really should check out Bohemian Grove .... this ritual (cremation of care) is still going on