Thursday, March 10, 2016

Of Weaponized Refugees and Merkel's Tears

Of Weaponized Refugees and Merkel's Tears

The pygmiest politics of the EU vassals, charades of independence, never ends. Led by the Three Stooges of Stranglovian fame, DC's machine of war and genocide, the circus roles on.

We are now bombarded by the like of Soros, Breedlove and the ranging lunatic McCain that the refugee crisis is all Russia's fault. Merkel arrives to witness the drama first hand in Syria and cries. Then she agrees to pay Erdogan €20 billion to keep the none Syrians and to build a refugee city in Syria.

The drama plays out like a cheap Portugees soap opera.

Now let us review a bit deeper then this Kabooki theater.

For four years, bloody Merkel had no problems backing the mass murder of Syrians, especially Christian Syrians, as she executed her dark master's plans from Mordor on the Potomac. She never cried for these people, just like she never cried about the thousand German women molested, assaulted and raped in Cologne or the thousands of others throughout Germany, victims of the rapugees. Nah, she has instead done everything to make sure the rapes are covered up and the animals are not punished, insure more victims.

Meanwhile, the Three Stooges dictate a chronology that has nothing I common with reality. If Russia is indeed at fault, it would mean the refugees started coming after November of 2015, when Russia intervened, by the great ways started in April and climaxed in August, as well as they came from Turkey not directly from Syria. Equally never mind that the majority are not Syrians but Afghans, Pakistanies and Albanians. But the sheeple are not supposed to be smart enough to figure this out and from the looks of many opinion polls in Western Europe, it is obvious the populations are really that dumb and mentally lazy.

While we are at it, if this is Russia's fault, why is Turkey getting the €20 billion, up from the original €3 billion offer and positively not the last sum. And as for the Turks building and defending a "refugee" aka Islamic training city on Syrian any of you even realize that this is an act of war and as NATO member, you will soon be fighting Russia and possibly China?

War is in the air and your EU pygmies in power will not be paying in blood, you serfs will.

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